Invited by the Reconnaisance Bureau of the KnowledgeCenter Groundbased Manoeuvres, a number of short demonstrations of the ASIMOV concept were given during the Dutch Recon Demoday.

[MP4, 39 Mb, 1m 17s]

The Delft Dynamics Dronecatcher system is used to catch an intruding drone. To prevent harm to people and structures on the ground, the caught drone is dropped on a parachute.

[MP4, 17 Mb, 1m 52s]

DroneCatcher test where a drone is towed away and then dropped with a parachute.

[MP4, 18 Mb, 55s]

Demonstration of the DroneCatcher prototype catching a drone in midair.

[MP4, 40 Mb, 1m 04s]